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GreatWebBook™ Guestbook (v 1.6)  Updated 11 July 2010

GreatWebBook Guestbook is the first site guestbook written from the ground up to combat SPAM! It uses many of our proprietary techniques to stop SPAM cold -- so you can concentrate on improving your site instead of taking out the trash!! The guestbook is nearly 100% effective in our site trials with an almost zero false postive rate. This is a world-class guestbook, incorporating smilies, text-formatting, word filters, private messages, and more! And it's FREE because we hate SPAM as much as you do!!

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A site guestbook is a great way to solicit comments and feedback from your visitors. In fact, it's one of the best methods for website verification and improvement

But if you have ever provided a guestbook on your site, you know you get a lot more SPAM than suggestions. With all the script kiddies and automated programs available, it's usually a losing proposition without some kind of guard. Most of the guestbooks provide a rudimentary protection, but you still need to reserve a lot of time to clean out the trash. And that's time you could be spending on what you want to do with your website, not fighting that stuff!

That's where GreatWebBook Guestbook comes in. It’s tested and proven SPAM filters are the best on the web. It stops the junk before it ever reaches you, whether from a human typist or an automated script. There's also a Word Filter to remove objectionable words or phrases. And it's FREE!!

Secure? Absolutely!! GreatWebBook requires NO DATABASE, so there's nothing to hack. No passwords to steal. No back doors or sneaky injection attacks. And if you want, you can move and/or encrypt the datafiles -- just to keep prying eyes out. The guestbook comes standard with enhanced protection against the latest web attacks - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF).

Fully customizable, easy to install, 100% source code provided, and ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! (Well, OK, we do ask that you send an email letting us know if you install, but that's it!) (Uh, yeah, we have to warn you: we think you'll like it so much you'll be back to buy more of our products, but this one is still free!).

Make the webbook your own by creating your own theme, or use one of the supplied styles. It's implemented using standard CSS, so you can create your own blend of colors, fonts, and images to fit the overall theme of your site. Your users will love it!

Users can enter smilies into their comments - and you can respond to them. Use the smilies we provide, or upload your own. Text can be entered with emphasis of Bold, Underline, or Italics. Users can mark their messages Private for Administrator eyes only.

New for v 1.6

Now with Leet processing - guards against SPAM or abusive posts that attempt to get around the word filters - such as 'casino' written as 'c@sin0'.

Want to see it in operation? Click here for our GreatWebScript Guestbook. We wouldn't use any other!!



The following list details some of the supported ways to customize the script to your site.


Please ensure your site hosting meets these minimum requirements before using this script! Almost every site will work!

  • PHP v 3.0.1 or Later

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